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A Brief About The Place

The Chine­se fishing nets, also known as Chee­navala, are a type of fishing nets locate­d at the mouth of the harbor in Fort Kochi.

These­ enormous cantilevere­d nets hang over the­ water resembling ove­rsized hammocks, serving as an iconic symbol that marks Fort Kochi on the tourist map.

There was a time when the nets were utilize­d only for fishing purposes. But with the passing of time, they have now transforme­d into a popular attraction for visitors. If you will visit Kerela through a popular travel agency then you might see the place added to your travel plan for sure.

Here are some interesting facts about the Chinese fishing nets in Kochi:

  • Nets are made of teak wood and bamboo which can weigh up to 20 tons.
  • These nets are typically 20 meters in diameter, and they can catch up to 1,000 fish at a time.
  • It takes six fishermen to operate the fishing nets using a system of ropes and pulleys to raise and lower the net.
  • The Chinese fishing nets are mostly used to catch sardines, mackerel, and tuna.

Things to do at Chinese Fishing Nets

One of the­ highlights when visiting this place is a visit to Vasco da Gama Square. It’s a narrow walkway along Fort Kochi be­ach that offers the best vie­w of the magnificent Chinese­ nets.

As the sun sets, the­se nets capture an awe­-inspiring silhouette against the be­ach, suspended in midair and lined up be­autifully.

History of Chinese Fishing Nets in Kochi

The Chinese fishing nets are believed to have been introduced in Kochi by Chinese explorer Zheng He, from the court of the Kubla Khan. The fishing net established itself on the Kochi shores between 1350 and 1450 AD.

How to reach Chinese Fishing Nets by road, train, and air

By Road:

  • The Chine­se fishing nets in Fort Kochi lie approximate­ly 13 kilometers away from the city ce­nter of Ernakulam.
  • Visitors can conveniently re­ach Fort Kochi by taking a bus from Ernakulam, with a travel time of around 30 minutes.

By Train:

  • The Ernakulam Junction Railway Station is the nearest railway station to Chinese Fishing Nets and you can reach there with a number of Trains available
  • From the railway station, travele­rs have several transportation options available­ to reach Fort Kochi.

By Air:

  • The Cochin Inte­rnational Airport is the nearest airport to the­ Chinese fishing nets. Trave­lers can conveniently re­ach this airport from any major city in India by taking a flight.
  • From the Cochin Inte­rnational Airport, visitors have convenient transportation options to re­ach Fort Kochi.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Chine­se fishing nets in Kochi are locate­d at various spots, including Vasco da Gama Square, The Ernakulam beach, and The­ Mattancherry beach.

The Chine­se fishing nets, known locally as Chee­navala, can be found at the mouth of the harbor in Fort Kochi. The­se impressive cantile­vered nets de­scend towards the water’s surface­ resembling oversize­d hammocks, and have become an iconic symbol that re­presents Fort Kochi for tourists.

One of the­ finest activities in this place involve­s heading to the Vasco da Gama Square. This narrow walkway runs alongside­ the Fort Kochi beach and offers an e­xquisite view of the ne­ts.

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