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A Brief About The Place

Fort Kochi is a charming neighborhood located in Kochi, Kerala. It is renowned for its rich history, diverse culture, and fascinating attractions.

With a long-standing past, Fort Kochi has been influenced by different civilizations. The neighborhood derives its name from Fort Immanuel, a Portuguese fortress built in 1503 as a symbol of the alliance between the Maharaja of Cochin and the Portuguese Monarch.

Things To Do In Fort Kochi

While exploring Fort Kochi, you’ll come across interesting sites that reflect its colonial heritage. We are sharing some of these places for you to visit and dive deep into the history of Kerala:

  • The Dutch Cemetery: It is a resting place for former colonists, reminding visitors of its historical significance.
  • Thakur House: It was once occupied by British officers and is now owned by Thakur and Co., showcasing colonial-era architecture.
  • David Hall: It is associated with the Dutch Commander Hendrik Adriaan van Reed tot Drakeston, and is known for its connection to the book “Hortus Malabaricus” about Kerala’s flora.
  • St. Francis Church: It was constructed in 1503, and is the oldest European church in India and the original burial site of Vasco da Gama.
  • Vasco House: It is believed to be Vasco da Gama’s actual residence, and stands as one of Kochi’s oldest Portuguese buildings.

💡 Fort Kochi is a must-visit destination for everyone who is interested in history and culture.

How To Reach Fort Kochi

If you’re planning a visit to this popular tourist destination, it’s important to know the various modes of transportation available to reach Fort Kochi.

Here are the three popular ways to reach this captivating place: by air, by train, and by road:

By Air

The nearest airport to Fort Kochi is Cochin International Airport (COK) which is around 45 Kilometers away. Once you have reached the airport, you can hire a taxi or use local transport to reach Fort Kochi in around an hour.

By Train

The nearest railway station to Fort Kochi is Ernakulam Railway Station which is just 13 Kilometers away from the destination. You can find a number of taxis and local buses to reach the destination within around 30 minutes.

By Road

Kochi is well-connected by roadways with all the major cities around like Trivandrum, Bangalore, Chennai, and more. You can reach Kochi and then use the GPS navigation to reach Fort Kochi which is around 30-40 minutes of drive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Fort Kochi is definitely worth visiting. It is an amazing and interesting place to understand different civilizations and the rich history of Kerala.

Some of the must-visit attractions in Fort Kochi include St. Francis Church, Fort Immanuel, the Dutch Cemetery, Chinese Fishing Nets, Mattancherry Palace, and the Santa Cruz Basilica.

Fort Kochi is known for its delectable seafood dishes and traditional Kerala cuisine. Some popular local delicacies to try include karimeen pollichathu (grilled fish), appam with stew, fish molee, puttu and kadala curry, and banana fritters.

Fort Kochi is a neighborhood and does not have a specific entry fee. However, certain attractions within Fort Kochi, such as museums, historical sites, or cultural centers, may have entry fees or specific timings for visiting.

Fort Kochi, being a neighborhood, does not have specific visiting hours as a whole. Visitors can explore Fort Kochi at their convenience and walk around the streets.

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