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A Brief About The Place

No, we are not talking about the Marine Drive in Mumbai, but about Marine Drive in Kochi.

It’s a popular waterfront area in Kochi, Kerala, India. You can enjoy a lovely view of the Arabian Sea while strolling along the coast. There are trees, benches, and street vendors selling snacks and drinks. It’s a great place for a leisurely walk and to relax.

The peaceful atmosphere, cool sea breeze, and beautiful sunsets make Marine Drive Kochi a must-visit for travelers. While you are visiting the place, don’t forget to capture some amazing moments and create lasting memories here.

Things To Do At Marine Drive In Kochi

If you are planning to visit the Marine Drive location in Kochi then you should definitely check out the list of things that you can do there. The availability of these activities may vary from season to season and you can plan them with your tour planner:

  • Have a walk around the place and enjoy the sea view
  • Take a boat ride to enjoy the amazing backwaters of Kochi
  • Taste delicious local street food from the stalls along Marine Drive
  • Relax by the waterfront and enjoy the peaceful environment
  • Explore nearby attractions like Fort Kochi and Chinese Fishing Nets.
  • Walk around and relax for a while at the famous Rainbow Bridge in Marine Drive Kochi

History of Marine Drive Kochi

Marine Drive Kochi has great historical significance.

Initially, it was a part of the Cochin Harbour and was used as a major trading center during the colonial era. It played a crucial role in the economic development of Kochi as a busy port.

Over time, the area underwent significant redevelopment, and the place was transformed into a scenic waterfront path for travelers to visit and witness the sea view.

Today, it stands as a symbol of Kochi’s rich maritime history and is a popular destination for both locals and tourists alike.

How to Reach Marine Drive In Kochi?

The location is easily accessible with all major modes of transportation. Here is how you can reach the spot:

By Air

The nearest airport to Marine Drive Kochi is Cochin International Airport (COK). It is around 30 Kilometers away and you can easily book a taxi or take a local bus to reach Marine Drive within an hour.

By Train

The nearest Railway station to Marin Drive is Ernakulam Railway Station and it is only 3 Kilometers away from your destination. You can book a taxi or use local transport to reach Marine Drive within 15 minutes.

By Road

You can drive to Kochi in your own car or a rented taxi and then navigate to the city center. There are multiple routes to the destination but the most commonly used one is the MG Road. You can use GPS navigation to guide you to the Marine Drive. Once you reach Marine Drive, you can park your vehicle in one of the designated parking areas available nearby.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Marine Drive Kochi is wheelchair-accessible. The place has got a well-maintained walkway that is accessible to individuals with mobility challenges.

Yes, there are designated parking areas near Marine Drive Kochi where visitors can park their vehicles. We would suggest you to follow the local parking regulations and guidelines.

Yes, there are various rental services available nearby where you can rent bicycles or scooters to explore Marine Drive and its surroundings.

Marine Drive Kochi is famous because it has beautiful views of the Arabian Sea. People love to visit and enjoy the scenery. The coastline is very pretty, especially during sunsets.

Marine Drive is open throughout the day from 12 AM to 12 PM usually. As per Travelanture Experts, you should visit the place in the Evening time to experience the calm environment, beautiful sunset, and street food stalls that might only be available during evening time.

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